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The Canadian Load Board is now Trade Route

Summary: We are changing our name to accurately reflect the international scope of current and future operations. Additionally, we are expanding our platform offerings to include Digital Brokerage Enablement solutions. These are solutions that allow traditional brokerages to leverage digital brokerage dataflows, instantaneous transactions, and visibility, while maintaining existing systems and workflows.

Today we are excited to announce that The Canadian Load Board is now Trade Route. For many of those who have used our system before, this will come as no surprise. Not only because we have made users aware of the change, but also because this is the natural extension of the direction we have been moving in for sometime now. I want to take the time to explain the name change so those familiar, and those unfamiliar, with our organization understand our new direction.

From day one we have tried to be different. We entered the market with a fresh perspective, and used our vision for the future of the logistics industry as our Northern Star as we built our platform. Now, we are looking to the future again, to evolve our platform and further serve our existing and future clients.

We have decided to change our name to Trade Route for two reasons:

The First reason we have decided to change our name is due to our new product offerings, which we will be releasing in the coming weeks. We have spent a significant amount of time analyzing digital freight brokerages, and the ways they connect with their users and partners. After following the trend closely, we came to the conclusion that their business model revolves around digital workflows for real time communication between the shippers, them, and their partner network. These digital workflows allow them to gain split-second fulfillment, as well as enhanced visibility.

Since they came into existence, the digital brokerage promise to shippers has been real time visibility. They drive this point home by claiming that traditional brokerages and carriers provide no visibility into shipment location. The reality is, if a shipper needs to know where a shipment is, they can find out. However, digital brokerages provide quick and easy tools for finding that location.

Quick and easy continues to be the theme of digital brokerages, and is mirrored in the way shippers “send” shipments, and in the way a digital brokerage communicates with their carrier partner network. No brokerage we have worked with wants to have low visibility and low tech touchpoints. However, digital brokerages have taken advantage of this industry sentiment and captured a portion of the market, then retained their market share with simple and instantaneous digital touchpoints. We believe that traditional brokerages are more holistic logistics service providers. There are numerous value-added services and advantages to using a traditional brokerage, but the tools are not available to provide partners with the same efficient digital workflows that digital brokerages use. We are here to provide those tools.

The second reason for changing our name is to more accurately serve our existing and future clients. The scope of many of our clients' work, and volume on our Load Board, has not been restricted to Canadian based and cross border freight. Rather, it has been truly international across North America. To accurately reflect the international extent of our clients' operations and represent future clients as we move forward, we are no longer restricting ourselves to the Canadian based spot market.

If you are interested in hearing more about our future offerings, or would simply like to have a conversation, please reach out to us at Otherwise you can browse our website for more information on our current offerings, and follow us on social media for updates.

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