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Version 1.2

July 24, 2019



This Thursday we will be releasing The Canadian Load Board Version 1.2. The update will be released at 7:00 PM EST.







Search Functionality:


Users are now able to search both the Load Board and Carrier Capacity Board using multiple search criteria. These criteria include:


  • Equipment Type

  • Province

  • Full or Partial Load

  • City/Town


You will be able to search any combination of these criteria to find the loads or capacity that fit your needs.



Deleting Loads and Capacity:


Users are now able to delete items they have posted. 


For brokers:

  • Go to “My Loads”

  • Scroll over to the “Delete” column

  • Click on the icon in line with whichever load you would like to delete


For carriers:

  • Go to “My Capacity”

  • Scroll over to the “Delete” column

  • Click on the icon in line with whichever capacity post you would like to delete.



Bug Fixes



Mirrored Bids:


Bids will no longer be mirrored in loads that have no bids. We are not aware of any users that ran into this issue, but we noticed and fixed it.



Duplicate Contact Requests:


Some users were having an issue with sending and receiving multiple contact requests from the same user. This was, in turn, generating duplicate contacts in the Contacts tab. This issue has now been fixed and only one contact request can be sent per recipient.


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