Load Board: For Carriers

The Canadian Load Board provides carriers with a FREE hub where business can be conducted. Use our platform to expand your operation, manage regular business, or fill extra capacity.

  • Find loads

  • Negotiate rates

  • Match capacity

  • Build relationships

Key Benefits

Move Freight

Find loads quickly with our load board. Brokers can post loads for various equipment types across Canada, and we make it easy to find loads that fit your capacity. 

Build Networks

View broker profiles to see information about their organization. When you find a broker you like, add them as a contact and grow that relationship.


Our private load board allows you to view loads from your contacts. Grow your network, and our platform will automatically send you loads from your contacts that fit your equipment and lanes.


Key Capabilities

Find Loads

Find relevant jobs on our platform. Fill your dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, and specialized trailers by searching full and partial loads. For partial and reefer loads, brokers can specify load dimensions and reefer temperature to ensure high relevancy when searching for jobs.

Match Capacity

Our carrier capacity board lets you match free capacity with brokers needs. Post your deadheads or partial load capacity in advance and brokers will contact you to fill that capacity, allowing you to improve your fleet utilization.

Negotiate Rates

When you find a load you are interested in claiming, send an offer to the broker directly through our platform. The broker is then able to see your company profile and ask you for more info if they are interested. In your company profile you can describe your strengths, track record, lanes, and equipment you run to stand out from the competition.

Build Relationships

Once you send an offer on a load, you will have the option to add the broker as a contact. When they accept the invitation you will gain access to their private load board, which allows them to share loads with you that fit your lanes and equipment. Build your network by hauling loads for the same brokers, building your reputation, and guaranteeing quality.


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